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1977 Chevrolet Custom Ext. Cab 4x4 Project

Price: $5,900

1977 Chevrolet Custom Extended Cab 4X4 Project. When finished, this Square Body Extended Cab Conversion project would give bragging rights to its owner for definitely having the only one at the next truck show or cruise in! The quality and caliber of work that has been done so far is impressive. The cab has been restored with new or rust free sheet metal and upgraded with an '89-'91 front radiator support assembly. The 6' bed still has its original paint and is in excellent condition. The suspension looks to have been completely restored with new fuel lines, brake lines, body and spring bushings, and has a total of 9 inches of lift already installed. The 3/4 ton axle set is made up of a 14 bolt full floater rear and a corporate 10 bolt front. Still quite a bit to do to finish this project, but the potential of having a one of a kind unique truck is evident. The right engine choice, whether it was a Big Block or even a Diesel Conversion, adding a set of Boggers on a set of Old School Welds, combined with a quality finish of the paint and interior, would put this thing over the top. Priced at $5,900. Call for more info or to schedule an appointment to check it out. (740) 456-4646